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Understand your body
reactions and unlock
your full potential

...and take control of your life

Our mission is to reinvent sustainable health for a fulfilling life

We combine medical science with your individual health data and lifestyle to translate it into an easy-to-use app, and support your life decisions.

Start your fitness journey with our type-1 diabetes exercise assistant.

Connect your device

Easily connectable to any CGM device. Just register on your CGM portal and the bloodsugar data is automatically transmitted.

Choose your favorite exercise

We make sure that you can perform your favorite exercise and improve your health

Get your recommendations

Get science based recommendations to safely exercise whenever you want

GLAICE helps you in 3 steps to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

1. Understand Insights

Are you still tracking or do you already understand your data? GLAICE helps you understand your health data and make informed and better decisions that make your everyday life easier.

2. Take Action

We make your data actionable so that you can get personalized recommendations based on your current data on what you could do to reduce risk and bring more flexibility into your life.

3. Enjoy a happy and fulfilling life

No longer chasing your blood sugar levels! With GLAICE you are in control of your lifestyle and your glucose! You make your life choices, not your diseases.

We approach health in a new way

We provide personalized support in exercising with chronic diseases, because we combine your individual health data with medical science and your personal input to make exercise not only safe but personalized to your needs and lifestyle.

The people behind GLAICE

Since March 2021 we are working on GLAICE to reinvent sustainable health for a fulfilling life. We combine Medtech knowledge, healthcare domain knowledge, venturing expertise, software and AI as well as UX and UI and business knowledge, to make sure we fulfill our mission.We are highly driven by our purpose to empower people with chronic diseases.

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