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No longer chasing your blood sugar levels!With GLAICE you are in control of your lifestyle and your glucose!

Our core features


Understand what you need to consider when exercising with the EDUCATOR.


Analyze and see your health data in different exercise situations with the ANALYZER.


Get personalized recommendations based on your biomarkers with the RECOMMENDER.


Learn everything you need to know about exercising and Type-1 diabetes in an entertaining way.


Through little missions around exercising you will get weekly information bits and challenges that help you get familiar with diabetes and exercise.


Through preference analysis you will only see information around exercising that matters to you.

Science is
fun again

Every piece of information is displayed in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-execute way. No need to get confused by scientific content or complex explanations.


Know your body’s reactions like nobody else. There is no such thing as a black box!

Connect your device

The GLAICE ANALYZER is easily connectable to any CGM device. Just register on your CGM portal and the bloodsugar data is automatically transmitted.

Track relevant data

Besides your bloodsugar you can also track further data, such as food, exercise type and duration or insulin administration. Additionally, you can easily import relevant data from other applications.

Derive your “gut” feeling

Through an intuitive design you can easily see the impact different actions and exercise types can have on your bloodsugar level. There is no wild guessing anymore.


Become an exercise expert with personalized recommendations. Don’t lose hours on developing the perfect exercise routine. The recommender helps you to take that burden off and to focus on the things that matter.

Train your

You decide how precise the recommendations will be. The more data you provide to the RECOMMENDER over time - the more precise will be the recommendations.

Advice before, during and after

The RECOMMENDER guides you through your entire exercise journey, starting with the preparation for your exercise. You just input the time, duration and type of exercise and the recommender will do the rest.


The personalized recommendations help you to start your exercise as soon as possible - giving you more flexibility in your daily life.

The people behind GLAICE

We met at the Manage and More scholarship at UnternehmterTUM knowing each other for more than one year and working together since then on various projects. Since March 2021 we are working on the project GLAICE (former mediwell). We combine Medtech knowledge, healthcare domain knowledge, venturing expertise, software and AI as well as UX and UI and business knowledge, to make sure we fulfill our mission to enable sports with diabetes. We are highly driven by our purpose to empower people with diabetes! ...and in the future with all metabolic problems!

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